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SportDog Rechargeable Bark Control Collar 10-R


  • Dual vibration/sound bark sensor with low false alarm rate
  • Smart "learning correction" to ensure dog receives lowest effective correction
  • Rechargeable


  • No correction indicator
  • niMH battery

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SportDog 10R Bark Collar

  • SportDog 10R Bark Collar
  • SportDog 10R Bark Collar
  • SportDog 10R Bark Collar
  • SportDog 10R Bark Collar

The SportDog Bark Collar 10R is our most highly recommended bark collar.  It combines both a sound and vibration sensor to keep the rate of false alarms very low.  The SportDog, has the smarts to learn what level of correction is needed to stop barking and to be able to go straight to that level.  And it also includes a long-life rechargeable battery, in a medium size collar. 

SportDog 10R No Bark Collar

Rechargeable Battery

The bark collar has a rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery. Despite being an older technology NiMH battery, the battery somehow outlasts the Lithium Polymer battery on the Dogtra YS-300 by several week. The collar is recharged, by plugging an adapter into a port on the bottom of the collar. The collar takes about four hours to recharge and lasts a remarkable 1-2 months between charges. When the collar is charged, a light flashes green to indicate that the collar is fully charged.

SportDog 10R No Bark Collar

Bark Sensor

The SportDog 10R, like the SportDog SBC-18 has both a vibration sensor and a sound sensor to detect barking.  The vibration sensor is a built into one of the collar prongs and detects vibration in the dog’s vocal chords when it barks.  Vibration sensors are particularly useful because they are not triggered by other dogs barking or other loud noises.  The SportDog Bark Collar 10R also includes a sound sensor that listens for barking noises.  The sound sensor is valuable because it cannot be accidentally set off by bumps or vibrating machinery.  Combining these two sensors, the collar only corrects the dog when it senses both vocal chord vibration and barking, leading to a very low rate of false alarms.   

We find the SportDog 10R has the lowest amount of false alarms of any system.  One disadvantage of this dual sensor is that the collar is hard to test out.  We know a lot of our more chivalrous (read foolhardy) customers like to try these collars out on themselves before trying it out on their dog.  With the collar requiring both  vibration and loud noise, this is a hard collar to trigger if you are not a barking dog. ]


The controls and display are located on one face of the receiver box. An LCD display shows the current mode. A single button is used to control all the functionality on the collar. Using a single button to control all the features on the collar is great from a waterproofing and durability perspective, but leads means that the controls are non-intuitive. Unlike the rotary dial controlled collars, you actually need to read the instructions to figure out how to use the controls.

  1. 1. Pressing the button shows the current status of the collar.
  2. 2. Briefly holding the button switches the system on and off.
  3. 3. Holding the button for more than 5 seconds toggles the collar between the three correction modes

SportDog 10R No Bark Collar


The SportDog NoBark  10R is the only collar with multiple modes of correction.  As well as having ten levels of correction, the collar has three modes which the user can select:

Learning Correction – this mode learns from experience and adjust to the temperament of your dog. It tries to figure out the lowest correction level that will effectively deter the dog from barking. The system is smart enough  to experiment once the dog has learned not to bark and decreases the correction level to just a gentle correction if that is all it takes to stop the dog from barking.  This smart learning setting is much more effective than the regular progressive correction collars which can teach the dogs that it is ok to have a few “free barks.”

User Selected Correction – this mode allows you to select one of ten correction levels that will be repeated every time the dog barks. The user selected correction is useful for a submissive dog that has been trained on the bark collar, and now only need an occasional gentle reminder.

Progressive Correction – this ordinary progressive correction mode starts by giving the dog a correction at the lowest level, then increases the correction one level for every time the dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous bark. If the dog does not bark for 30 seconds, the correction level resets to the lowest level again. Progressive correction is not ideal, because it can lead to stubborn barkers learning they can bark once or twice with little consequences.   We don’t every use this mode, because the Learning Correction mode is far superior.

SportDog 10R No Bark Collar

Collar Prongs

The SportDog 10R has integrated collar prongs. The prongs have a rubber sheath so that only the very tip of the prongs are exposed. The way they are designed allows the prongs to be used with both long-hair and short hair dogs.

Collar Band

The collar band has a black rubberized collar with a buckle style clasp. The band is much less obtrusive than the bright orange collars on the other SportDog Bark Collars. The collar band slides around the outside of the bark collar receiver box and can be easily replaced with any thin collar of the owner’s choice.

SportDog 10R No Bark Collar


Testing the SportDog 10R is tricky because the collar requires both vibration and sound to trigger. One way to test the collar is place the collar on a rough surface, prongs facing down and to pull the collar along the surface so that the prongs vibrate. While doing this, bark into the microphone. When the collar triggers a red light will flash in the display window.


The SportDog 10R is our overall favorite collar. The dual sensors perform very well striking a balance between being sensitive and avoiding false alarms. The learning correction mode is good at finding the right level of correction for the dog. And the collar has a long-life rechargeable battery.

The SportDog 10R does have a few disadvantages. 

First, the controls are a bit non-intuitive.  Unlike the dial style control on the SportDog BC-18, the SportDog 10R uses only a single button.  Having a single button allows for better waterproofing but means that you do actually need to read the instructions to change settings, unlike the dial style controllers which are more intuitive.

Second, the collar alerts you with a red light when the dog is corrected.  We prefer a tone alert over a visual alert because light can sometimes be obscured from your line of sight. Although you should be able to tell from the dog’s reaction that they were corrected, alerts are useful if you are troubleshooting. 

With the dual sensor to reduce false alarms, rechargeable battery, and learning correction mode to minimize the amount of correction needed while still controlling barking, we find this to be an excellent collar.

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