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PetSafe Ultrasonic Birdhouse PBC00-11216


  • Simple to Use
  • Ultrasonic correction


  • Limited range
  • Issues false corrections
  • Only for timid barkers


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PetSafe Ultrasonic Birdhouse PBC00-11216

The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control is an ultrasonic bark deterrent. Cleverly disguised as a birdhouse, the unit senses the dog barking and emits a high pitched noise, inaudible to the human ear, to stop the dog from barking.

Ultrasonic Correction

Ultrasonic deterrents are emit a very weak correction that works with only the most timid and compliant dogs. Their effect also tends to wear out with more persistent barkers. After a few weeks or months, the dogs tend to find the ultrasonic noise less and less harsh and begin to ignore it as they become desensitized. Ultrasonic bark control birdhouses such as the PetSafe PBC 00-11216 are also non-discriminate bark deterrents as they correct all dogs nearby, irrespective of whether they were the dog that barked.

Microphone Sensor

The PetSafe Birdhouse anti-bark unit uses a microphone sensor to detect whether the dog is barking. Unfortunately, the sensor is prone to false alarms from other loud noises and from neighboring dogs barking.

Range Controls

The system is controlled by a single dial on the front that allows you to set the range at which the birdhouse detects barking.

• Low Sensitivity – detects barking up to 15 feet from the birdhouse

• Medium Sensitivity – detects barking up to 30 feet from the birdhouse

• High Sensitivity – detects barking up to 50 feet from the birdhouse. Note: the high sensitivity mode is the most prone to being triggered by other noises in the vicinity.

Unlike the dog bark collars that a dog wears and therefore carries wherever they go, the PetSafe Ultrasonic Birdhouse sits in a fixed locations and therefore limits the range of the deterrent. Consequently, if you have a big yard, multiple units may be required to cover the entire area. Also, if barking in the house is a problem as well, you will need indoor units.

The PetSafe Bark Control Birdhouse has a test mode that allows you to check to ensure the system is working. When set to test mode, you bark into the microphone and a solid red light illuminates to indicate that the system is detecting your ‘barking’.

Battery & Status Light

The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control uses a regular 9V battery. We find the battery life to be around 1-2 months.

The PetSafe Bark Control Birdhouse has a single LED light that flashes green to indicate that everything is working and flashes red to indicate a low battery. The LED also glows solid red to let you know when it detects barking and is sending an ultrasonic correction, which is useful because of course you cannot hear the correction.


Overall, we think that for most people a bark collar is a better long-term solution. This PetSafe Bark Control Birdhouse is really only worth trying in limited circumstances with the most timid barkers and where other dogs are out of range.

On the positive side, the ultrasonic deterrents like the PetSafe Bird House are very mild interventions and you may want to try this with a timid dog if you are concerned about using a stronger intervention like a static shock.

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