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How a Dog Bark Collar Works?

Dog bark collars are training aids that detect when you dog is barking and respond with a negative stimulus. After a few exposures, the dog learns that the barking behavior results in something unpleasant happening, and stop barking.

There are three different types of stimulus used by bark collars. Electric Bark Collars, the most common and effective bark collar, use an electric (static) shock to correct the dog. Citronella Bark Collars squirt a spray at the dog. And Ultrasonic Bark Collars that use a high pitched noise to deter barking.

Bark collars detect when the dog is barking using either a microphone (sound sensor) to hear barking, a vibration sensor to feel the vibration on the dog’s vocal chords, or both. The best collar use dual sensors, requiring the collar to hear the sound and feel the vibration before they correct the dog. Collars with only a vibration or sound sensor are prone to false alarms and can be triggered by such things as the dog lying down and banging the collar, or other dogs barking.

All bark collars are powered by battery. Better collars have a rechargeable battery that can be replenished by plugging the collar into a wall outlet. Some collars use a generic disposable battery. And some collars use a special proprietary battery - these are the least desirable since they tend to be more expensive and harder to find.