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SportDog NoBark 18


  • Dual Bark Sensor
  • Progressive Correction
  • Relatively Small


  • Proprietary Disposable Battery
  • Long-Hair Prongs Not Included

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SportDog NoBark 18

The SportDog NoBark 18, is a higher spec version of the SportDog NoBark 6. The SportDog NoBark 18 is a solid bark collar with three 6-level progressive stimulation modes and a dual bark sensor. The collar does the basics well, but at this price there are more attractive options without proprietary batteries and with more features like a true learning correction.

SportDog No Bark 18 Collar

Bark Sensor

The SportDog 18 bark collar uses the superior dual sensor technology that result in lower rates of false alarms. Dual sensor collars have both a microphone and vibration sensor – with both sensors needing to agree that the dog is barking for the collar to trigger. This is a more conservative approach and leads to fewer false alarms as the collar is not triggered by other dogs barking, or the collar bumping on the ground.

The NoBark 18 includes an indicator light that glows red when the sensors detect barking and trigger the static stimulation. We would prefer there was also a tone for any static corrections so that you could be alerted to the event even when you are not looking directly at the bark collar.

In the test mode, owners can make any loud noise into the microphone and the indicator light will glow red to confirm that the collar is working correctly.

SportDog No Bark 18 Collar

Progressive Stimulation Modes

The SportDog 18 bark control has 3 progressive correction modes (low, medium, and high) each with 6 levels of static stimulation. The correction mode is selected by using the circular dial on the top of the bark collar. The collar starts with the lowest level correction and increases the correction level if the dog keeps barking. Once the dog is silent for 30 consecutive seconds, the collar resets back to the lowest level.

These progressive correction collars are good, but not as good as the newer learning collars that use past experience to determine the lowest level needed to deter barking. With progressive correction collars that reset, certain dogs may learn that they can get in one or two barks with a low correction level and will become ‘sneaky barkers’.

Two general use 1/2 inch prongs are included in the box and should be effective for most dogs. For very long haired dogs there are also optional 5/8 inch prongs available for about $10 extra.

SportDog No Bark 18 Collar


The SportDog NoBark 18 uses a PetSafe RFA-68 proprietary battery. This is the least obnoxious proprietary battery, costing only $4 and lasting about 2-3 months. We would prefer something rechargeable like the SportDog 10-R at this price point, but if you must use a disposable battery the RFA-68 is relatively long lasting and inexpensive.

Collar Band

The band on the SportDog 18 bark collar is a broad orange plastic band designed for visibility, and the designers have certainly achieved their goal. The band uses a buckle style fastener. One quirk is that while the collar could easily work for smaller dogs, the first hole on the band is at 12 inches. Consequently, if you have a smaller dog you may need to make your own hole in the collar band.

SportDog No Bark 18 Collar


A good collar overall, the SportDog 18 No Bark collar utilizes dual sensor technology and boasts plenty of correction levels. The SportDog 18 bark collar is one of the lighter and smaller full feature collars and is well built. However at this price, we prefer the SportDog 10-R which is comparatively priced, rechargeable, and incorporates a true learning correction feature.

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