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SportDog NoBark 6


  • Light weight
  • Value for money


  • Proprietary battery
  • Mediocre vibration sensor
  • Collar band holes misplaced for small and medium dogs

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SportDog NoBark 6


SportDog, is the sporting brand of Radio Systems, the company that owns PetSafe, Innotek, and Invisible Fence. The SportDog NoBark 6, is so named because it has six correction levels. The collar is progressive and starts out by giving the dog the lowest correction level, then increases the level every time the dog barks within the next 50 seconds.

SportDog No Bark 6 Collar

For some dogs this progressive correction works well, with only the low warning bark being necessary to stop barking.

With more feisty dogs, the dog will take advantage of the initial lower powered barks and bark in small clusters, barking two or three times before stopping to avoid the stronger barks that follow.

The collar uses the older probe style vibration sensor that is a little less accurate than the newer pad style sensors, giving the occasional false alarm when the dog crunches on a bone or is tussling with another dog.

SportDog No Bark 6 Collar

The SportDog uses a proprietary PetSafe brand battery. These proprietary batteries are something we don’t like because they are hard to get. One redeeming feature of the SportDog RFA-67 is relatively cheap at $4 and last a respectable 3.

SportDog No Bark 6 Collar

The SportDog comes with a single set of probes. These are more suited toward long hair dogs. The probes are longer than optimal for use with shorthair dogs, but will still do the job.

SportDog No Bark 6 Collar

The SportDog NoBark 6 collar has their trademark large reflective orange collar band (think traffic cone orange!). This is great for spotting your dog in the dark, but is a bit loud for suburban use. The holes in the collar band also start too late. The smallest the collar can be sized is 12 inches which is too large even for a medium size dog, requiring you to cut your own hole in the collar band.

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