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Garmin Bark Limiter Deluxe


  • Low false alarm rate
  • Small & light weight
  • Bark Odometer


  • No correction indicator
  • niMH battery


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Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe

  • Garmin BarkLimiter Deluxe
  • BarkLimiter back side


The Tritronics bark collar, the Bark Limiter G3, a solid well build collar with a few usability issues. 

Tritronics is a brand well known to hunters, and makes primarily hunting collars with a reputation for being very high quality.  The Tritonrics  bark collar, lives up to that.  This is one of the most reliable systems we have seen.  It works consistently, has very few false alarms, and is very durable. 

TriTronics Bark Limiter G3

The Tritronics Bark Limiter collar has three prongs, two active prongs for the correction and a third prong that adds balance and lets the collar sit more stably on the dog’s neck – something that provides a better fit than the standard two prong collars and reduces the contact pressure on the dog’s skin.  The collar includes both a set of long and short prongs for long hair and short hair dogs respectively.  Unfortunately the third balance prong is fixed and does not work as well with the long prongs – we would have preferred to see that balance prong available in both a long and short option as well.

TriTronics Bark Limiter G3

The Bark Limiter G3 collar is one of the smallest and lightest weight models.  The collar box is about the size of two matchboxes and weighs around 2.2 oz.  This would be comfortable on dog from 10lbs and is still powerful enough to be used on all but the highest pain threshold dogs.  The collar strap uses a buckle style closure.

TriTronics Bark Limiter G3

The collar also has a “bark odometer” that counts the number of times the dog has barked since you turned the collar on so you know how effective the collar was while you were out and you can track progress.  When you turn the collar off, the #3 light blinks once for each time the dog barked.

TriTronics Bark Limiter G3

The Tritronics G3 bark collar is motion activated, and goes to sleep when then dog sleeps saving battery life.  A generic single 3V lithium battery (Type: CR2 - the kind you used to use in Cameras back in the old days) lasts about a year which is a lot more than most systems.  The batteries can be bought in most larger supermarkets and cost around $5 - $10, not bad considering they last a year.

The collar has five correction levels that are selectable by pressing and holding the button on the collar.  We like that these are simple correction levels and the dog receives the same correction level each time, even.

The few things that keep this from being perfect are small usability issues.  First, the controls are a little fussy and you need to read the instructions to figure out how it works. Everything is controlled through a single waterproof button and there are five led status lights to tell you what correction level you are on.  It is by no means complicated and anyone could learn all the controls in three minutes, but it is not as intuitive as the dial based  systems where you don’t need to read the instructions at all.

TriTronics Bark Limiter G3

The second disadvantage is the collar does not indicate when it corrects the dog.  Most collars beep, vibrate, or flash a light to let you know that they are working.  It also does not come with a test tool that you can use to trigger the collar.  Most curious customers like to test the collar before putting it on the dog, and it is not easy to test the collar yourself – you just have to trust that it is working and watch your dog’s reaction to figure out when the correction was activated.  A correction light, or a beep would be useful, we suspect it was omitted to keep the unit silent for use with hunting dogs.

One interesting thing about the Tritronics Bark Limiter G3 is the availability of dummy collars.  Dummy collars are cheap collars that look like a real collar but don’t actually do anything.  The dummy collars are used with dogs that learn to bark only when the correction collar is not on.

Overall an excellent system. 

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