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DT Systems 1145DT No Bark Collar


  • No Buttons
  • Durable


  • Short Battery Life
  • Difficult to Use


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DT 1145DT No Bark Collar

  • DT 1145DT No Bark Collar
  • DT 1145DT No Bark Collar
  • DT 1145DT No Bark Collar
  • DT 1145DT No Bark Collar

The DT Systems No Bark Trainer 1145DT has some innovative features, such as a magnetic on/off switch, and a variable length vibration probe. However, the collar is suffers from a series of design flaws that make using the collar unnecessarily difficult.

DT 1145DT

Bark Sensor

The DT systems 1145DT bark collar uses a vibration probe that sits in between the two stimulation probes. The vibration probe detects the movement in the dog’s throat when they bark. Probes work better than the older sound sensor bark collars because they aren’t as likely to be set off by external noises.

DT 1145DT

One interesting aspect of the DT Systems no bark trainer is that the vibration probe can be removed. This allows for the use of either a long or short vibration probe. Most dog bark collars with a vibration probe have only a single length for both the vibration sensor and the correction prongs, meaning that a single prong length must be used for both long hair and short hair dogs.

Disposable Battery

DT 1145DT Battery

The DT 1145DT uses a disposable 6V battery. This generic battery is available in most supermarkets and costs around $5.

The battery is inserted by removing a screw top lid and inserted into the revealed chamber. The battery compartment is deep and tight, which makes removing the battery very difficult. We find changing the battery on this model very frustrating and usually have to resort to using a jeweler’s screwdriver to pry out the battery.

The battery life is very short, lasting only 1-2 weeks with the included battery. It can also take the more expensive lithium batteries, but even these don’t last much longer than a month.

Collar Probes

The DT Systems mini No Bark Collar comes with two different sizes of stimulation probes, a ½ inch option for short hair dogs and a ¾ inch option for long hair dogs. The collar probes are switched out by unscrewing the old prongs and screwing in the new prongs.

DT 1145DT


The DT 1145DT collar receiver has no buttons which makes for better waterproofing and a more durable collar. To change the collar correction level or switch the system on or off, you use a magnet tool and press it up against a spot on the collar. This is very innovative, but also a bit of a pain because the magnet tool is quite small and easy to lose.

DT 1145DT

The collar band also contains a magnet tool that you are supposed to use to change the correction level. However, it is placed awkwardly on the collar band and is very difficult to use. The magnet control is a clever idea, but poorly implemented and impractical in its current form.

DT 1145DT

Stimulation Levels

The DT Systems Mini No Bark collar has 8 electric stimulation levels. The stimulation levels are static and are adjustable by the user. Although not included, we would expect some kind of progressive correction or learning function in addition to static correction in a collar at this price point.

The stimulation level is changed by pressing the included magnet tool against a spot on the collar. The current level is indicated in an LED display on the top of the collar. The collar also has a red light that illuminates when the collar triggers.


The DT Systems 1145DT bark collar has a few new ideas, like the magnet based controls and the all-in-one tester. The collar is solidly constructed and reliable. But the collar has a lot of design issues that make it unnecessarily difficult to use. The collar is also expensive for what is basically a mid-range collar in terms of features. We think there are better choices for the money.

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