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DT Systems 1125DT Mini Bark Collar


  • No Buttons
  • Durable
  • LCD Display for Stimulation Level
  • Rechargeable


  • Long Recharge Time
  • No Learning Functionality


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DT Systems 1125DT Bark Collar

  • DT Systems 1125DT Bark Collar
  • DT Systems 1125DT Bark Collar
  • DT Systems 1125DT Bark Collar
  • DT Systems 1125DT Bark Collar

The DT Systems 1125DT Mini Bark Collar is a rechargeable dog bark collar. The 1125DT is similar in design to the DT Systems 1145DT, but incorporates the rechargeable battery as opposed to the disposable 6V battery. Like the 1145DT, the 1125DT is an average sized no-bark collar that is comparable to two matchboxes. However, the DT Systems 1125DT does have significant heft due to the rechargeable battery.

DT 1125DT Bark Collar

Bark Sensor

The DT Systems 1125DT Mini uses a vibration probe that measures the vibration of the dog’s vocal chords when the dog is barking. Two different sizes of vibration probes are included for long and short hair dogs. These two options help you get a better fit for your dog and ensure the bark sensor works more accurately.

DT 1125DT No Bark Collar

The collar uses the standard DT systems correction sensor which is good, but given that this is a top of the line collar we would have preferred it to have a dual bark sensor (sound and vibration) as seen on other collars in this price range.

Rechargeable Battery

The DT 1125DT anti-bark collar boasts a rechargeable NiMH battery. Charging is relatively simple as the included adapter plugs into a port on the underside of the collar. Unfortunately, the collar requires about 14 hours to charge, and needs recharging every 4-5 days. The charge time is unusually long, particularly given the short battery life.

DT 1125DT No Bark Collar

Collar Prongs

The 1125DT no bark collar comes with removable collar probes that can be unscrewed. The bark collar system includes two options, 1/2” short probes and a 3/4” long probes. This allows owners to tailor the probe length for short and long hair dogs respectively.

DT 1125DT No Bark Collar

Stimulation Levels and Controls

The 1125DT Mini Bark Collar offers 8 user selected correction/stimulation levels. The correction level is selected by tapping a small magnet tool on a gray spot on the collar. The stimulation level is conveniently shown on a small LCD display.

DT 1125DT No Bark Collar

The collar only offers static correction options and does not incorporate any learning functionality. At this price we expect there to be a learning function. Learning collars vary the shock level depending on the dog’s response and make anti-bark training a bit easier. A dog will certainly learn with a static correction collar, but you may have to tinker with the correction level a little in the first few sessions to find the minimum correction level needed to train your dog.

The 1125DT comes with a magnet tool to switch the collar on and off. This is accomplished by holding the tool against the gray spot. The magnet tool is a clever way for DT to eliminate any buttons on the collar which is great for durability – but it does require you to carry around the magnet tool – which is small and easily lost. Although this is a nice design feature for durability, the internal magnet on the collar is poorly placed and we find it difficult to use.

DT 1125DT No Bark Collar

Collar Band

The DT systems 1125DT dog bark collar has a removable rubber collar band. The collar is secured using a buckle-type latch. Due to the size and weight of the receiver box, this collar should not be used with any dog less than 20lbs.

DT 1125DT No Bark Collar


All DT Systems collars come with a nifty testing tool that attaches to the collar probes. The tool has a ribbed surface that you rub on top of the vibration probe to trigger the collar stimulation. When the collar is activated, a light on the tool glows to signal that the bark collar is working properly. The testing tool for the DT 1125DT collar is well designed and easy to use.


The 1125DT adds a rechargeable battery to the cheaper 1145DT bark collar. This overcomes one of the significant shortcomings of the 1125DT, the short battery life that increases cost and inconvenience. Unfortunately the DT 1125DT Mini No Bark Collar has a rather short battery life, and combined with a long charge time is at a significant disadvantage to other rechargeable collars like the SportDog 10R.

Finally, the collar is a little short on features compared to similarly-priced rechargeable collars. More specifically, we would have expected a dual bark sensor and a learning correction function.

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