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Dog bark collars are a training aide to help you curb nuisance barking. Dog bark control collars work by providing your dog an instant correction when there is undesirable barking behavior.

Type of Bark Collars

A dog bark control collar uses one of three methods to correct the barking behavior:

  • Electric Bark Collars: give the dog a brief shot of static electricity to deter barking. The level of the correction is set by the owner to be unpleasant but not harmful. Electric collars are the most popular and effective model of bark control collar. Being the most unpleasant correction, these collars are the easiest to
  • Citronella Bark Collar: squirt an unpleasant smelling mist at the dog to deter barking. These are a more gentle intervention than shock collars, but can be less effective in the long term with persistent barkers.
  • Ultrasonic Bark Collars: use a high pitched noise to correct barking. Sonic collars are the least obtrusive intervention, but are also the least effective. Sonic collars are only suitable for the most submissive barkers.

How a Dog Bark Collar Works

When a dog barks, the bark is detected by a sensor that picks up vibrations of the vocal chords, or a microphone that picks up the noise. The collar corrects the behavior by responding with a correction. With the collar and a little training, the dog quickly learns that barking earns him an unpleasant correction and reduces or eliminates the problem behaviors. If you need help selecting a product, our bark collar reviews provides an overview of all the bark collars, and is a good starting point. From there you can drill down into each individual product, where our detailed video reviews take you through the pros and cons of each system. Among our favorite products, the SportDog 10-R is a good full featured collar with a rechargeable battery. The Tritronics bark Collar, the G3 wins high marks for consistency. The PetSafe Little Dog Bark Collar is a good choice for smaller dogs that need a small collar and a lower correction. And for large persistent barkers that require a stronger correction, we like the PetSafe Big Dog Bark collar. Once you have selected a product, time to start bark control training.

Bark Collar Training

Dog bark collar training is based around three basic principles:

  1. Understanding the Cause of the Barking – understanding the reasons behind your dog’s nuisance barking will help us address the underlying cause of the behavior and find an answer
  2. Detering Barking – we will use the bark collar and a little bit of doggie psychology to stop rewarding the dog for barking, and making barking an unpleasant activity
  3. Rewarding Quiet – when your dog is calm and quiet, we will reward him for being in the desired state of mind to encourage him to keep in that state of mind

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